I speak on a variety of topics related to learning to hear God's voice, finding purpose, healing in everything from relationships to addictions, and living authentically. I've spoken to college students, corporate groups, women's ministries of both small and large size audiences. My story is such that there are many touch points which I hope will speak truth into the lives of your audience members. Scroll down to read about the topics I'm currently speaking on.

Meredith Terp Schoeller: Professional Headshots 2022

Learning How to Hear God


Do I really matter to God? Does He hear me when I cry out in the private moments no one else knows about? Does He really care what I’m going through? Why doesn’t He respond? Or is God speaking, and am I simply incapable of distinguishing His voice? These are the secret questions that haunt a majority of adults.

Many of us grew up in a faith our parents showed us how to have, but not many understand how that faith works to meet our everyday needs. Meredith Terpeluk shares her story of growing up with a religion to finding her own personal relationship with God after complete breakdown and ultimate loss. Falling apart is not something to be ashamed of, it’s exactly where God wants to meet you. Meredith will inspire you through her message, and give you tools to help you learn how to hear God’s voice. He IS speaking to YOU!

Finding the Purpose You're Meant to Fulfill While Navigating College

Youth and college groups

College. Whether you are thinking about it, at the beginning of your secondary education, in the middle, or towards the end—it’s an exciting and difficult time to navigate life. Trying to balance school, friends, and fun while discovering who you are takes an unspoken toll on the human spirit.

Meredith Terpeluk tells the powerful story of what she learned after graduation. These are the secrets she wished she’d known while struggling during her own college years. Younger audiences will take away life-transforming lessons that will help them find new ways to navigate challenges and lead them to discover their life’s purpose.


Grief, Healing, and Getting to the Root of Your Pain


Grief is a human experience. Whether we’ve lost someone we love or a beloved pet, gone through divorce, infertility, or abandonment, many of us know loss all too well. Meredith Terpeluk understands grief on multiple levels, but more importantly, she also knows the truth of God’s healing.

The truth is, the only way you can get to your healing place is by addressing the root of your pain. Meredith shares practical ways God helped her dig down to her roots, so He could heal her at the deepest levels. Audiences will feel inspired to confront their fears, they’ll gain revelations to help them walk through their deeply hidden pain, and move toward relief with God’s help.

Appearing to Have it All Together While You Fall Apart Inside

Corporate Groups

Many of us live Type-A lives in a world where we’re constantly pressured to look a certain way on social media news feeds. We portray a life put together, but behind the scenes, we’re often falling apart. Sometimes, so much so, that we need help to break the cycle.

Meredith Terpeluk shares how working in presidential politics in the White House wasn’t even enough to give her peace on the inside. Hidden where only she and God saw, Meredith’s life slowly fell apart. But the story ends with good news—God put Meredith back together for his glory, and her story will provide hope and encouragement for anyone feeling lost or broken.


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