Privacy Policy

Who We Are

Guiding God's Daughters
Meredith Terpeluk Schoeller, LLC
110 Hummingbird Lane
Niles, MI 49120

Data We Collect and Why

  • From users who submit comments or contact forms, we collect information about what was submitted (including the text of the comment or form and any associated selections) and who submitted it (including information about the user's device and network).
    • We use comment data to show comments internally and publicly on our websites. Submitted comments may be made publicly available or hidden.
    • We use contact form data to communicate internally and respond to requests for communication.
  • From visitors or guests, we collect site usage and analytics data including information about the users's device and network.
    • We use usage and analytics to continually improve our products and services
    • We use usage and analytics to maintain functioning website infrastructure.
  • From donors, we collect donor profile and donation information including name, address, donation amount, and donation schedule. We do not collect or store payment information for donations but instead rely on a third party for payment processing.
  • From customers, we collect customer profile and order information including name, address, order items, order amounts, and schedules for recurring orders. We do not collect or store payment information for orders but instead rely on a third party for payment processing.

How We Share and Process Data

  • We rely on partners for critical services to provide the functionality behind on our website. We share data with these partners to enable them to provide the website's functionality.
  • We share analytics or usage data in bulk/aggregate form with partners to help us improve products and services for our audience.
  • Our partners include
    • Google (for Analytics and Website Usage)
    • MonsterInsights (for Analytics and Website Usage)
    • DonorBox (for donations and payment processing)
    • Shopify (for orders and payment processing)
    • SiteGround (for Analytics, Website Usage, and Website Infrastructure)

How to Request Changes or Data Deletion

  • If you need to request data changes or deletion, please reach out via email to mterpschoeller at