Hello! My name is Meredith!

Hello! I’m so glad you are here. I believe God has called you and I to be the victors over our experiences, hurts and circumstances, not the victims of them. I believe you and I are God’s daughters, whether we know it or not and it’s time to stand in that truth.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying, “Get over it.” In fact, that’s my least favorite saying. You aren’t going to see me pretending nothing ever happened or stuffing down my feelings. You are going to see me listening to your story, telling you that you aren't alone, and saying, “Let me help you get through it.” Why? Because I’ve had to walk through things too and it is NOT easy stuff. But if you are willing and ready - you can find THE best part of your life, and you.

I don’t like surface conversations. I like deep talks. I like to know who you are, what makes you - you, not what your resume says about you. Sure your Instagram highlight reel is great to see. But I want to see what’s behind that. I like to hear where your heart is, what’s hurting you, what lights you up, and what inspires you. That's the good stuff.

As a Life Coach, I love to draw out the best of you so you can become who God has called you to be. The difference between me and a lot of other Life Coaches, is that I don’t point you to things like the universe. I point you to God. All I do is walk beside you. I’m your guide as you learn to get closer to Him.

So, if you want to know yourself better, and maybe know God better, then I would love to work with you. I’d love for you to listen to my podcast too so you can learn why I believe Scripture is so important to our mental and emotional health.

Christine Caine, author and speaker once said, “Christianity is not about behavior modification but heart transformation.” That rocked my world when I heard it because I spent so many years trying to change my behaviors with willpower, that I never realized God wanted to go deeper. He wanted to transform my heart.

My friend, I want to show you what God can do transform your life based on what He’s done in mine and what He’s done in Scripture. You are not meant to stay stuck in whatever pit you are stuck. You are meant for more. Let’s go there.

If you’d like to consider working with me you can email me here and I can send you the information on how we would work together.