How Someone’s Passing I Did Not Know Personally Touched my Heart

This morning I was planning on editing and posting a scheduled blog called “10 Tips for the Graduates of 2014.” That’s going to have to wait till tomorrow for posting, because my spirit was telling me to share my heart about something I was unexpectedly struck by this morning.

A few minutes ago I jumped on Facebook to check for any message and the news feed. I won’t disclose the message out of respect for the privacy of the family and friends. But those who know the person I’m talking about locally, will know. Here’s how it impacted me…

Just a few days ago, my husband and I went out for a walk around the 1 mile loop of our neighborhood. On the way we stopped to talk to a friend of mine who was out front gardening. Just by standing there we ended up connecting to a number of neighbors we’d never met (why it’s good to get out and walk!).

During that time standing there, I got to meet the son of a woman who I’d heard was in the hospital after a long battle with illness. She was fighting for her life. A woman I’d never known, and this kid had such a big smile and positive demeanor as he took his dog out for a walk.

I walked away knowing I would keep her and their family in our prayers. Sounded like this was an amazing woman.

Flash forward this morning. I wake up and notice it’s May 22nd. I text my husband to tell him Happy one-month-out 1 year Wedding anniversary! Then I find this post, not by a personal friend, but some friends who knew the person and had “liked” it. I start reading and it’s a beautiful dedication to that woman. She lived around the corner. She went to be with the Lord late last night. 

As someone who lost my Dad, this touches me at my deepest place.

I go to check out her Facebook page to see if I know her and I don’t. What I find is that she was married to her husband for 26 years (I think) and met him when they were just 15. (Immediately I think of my Mike and that text I sent him this morning.)

Then I see that she has a son graduating from high school. Immediately I feel compassion, knowing that in just two days I’ll be watching my brother graduate from high school, also knowing that just before his 16th birthday he lost his Dad. In a way, these two boys will be walking the same road on graduation day – having just lost a parent. 

And then I think – if I’m this touched by someone I didn’t know, she must have a powerful spirit. She will be missed I’m sure. But it also tells me that she will no doubt be with her husband and her son on his graduation day. She’ll be with all those people who loved her in spirit and in their grieving.

I guess I had to share this because it’s not often I feel this deeply connected to the loss of someone I did not know. I also can’t help but think of every single person who loved her especially her husband and her sons. There is no doubt I will be thinking of this family on the day my brother graduates this weekend.

I don’t know if this post will get to anyone who loved her so much, but I wanted them to know how much her life impacted me in this brief moment, even though I didn’t know her. I wanted them to know that on graduation day, birthdays, anniversaries – she’ll be there in spirit. I have no doubt that someone who sounds like she loved that much will continue to be present in the lives of those she loved.

For the rest of us, I hope this is a simple reminder how life is fragile and an amazing gift. 


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