How God Wants to Make Your Broken Beautiful

Hey guys. This week in the video I talked about a broken vase that fell off my mantle and compared it to the perfect-looking one that still stands on my mantle. There is a message in this, because as the world tells us we have to be these perfect Insta-worthy people, God wants the complete opposite. He sees our brokenness and doesn’t want to discard it. He wants to heal it, and shine light through it. He wants to use our brokenness to help others see that light in this dark world. 
So take this as a reminder that your brokenness is something God wants to make beautiful. Also, if you don’t know it and are stuck in shame or self-pity, watch this and know God doesn’t want you to stay stuck in that. He never meant for you to torture yourself or bear that burden alone. He wants you to know he died on the cross for that burden. He suffered just like we did. He doesn’t want us to hide our brokenness. He wants to take it, and heal it and use it to bring light to the world. 


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