Episodes 12 & 13: Fixing Your Eyes on Jesus Instead of Fixing You (A New Year Double Episode)

Hey ladies!! I’ve got a two-part series for you here. I know this message is counter-cultural but in my experience, that’s just how God works. It’s also why I wrote my most recent book, because culture wants you to go straight to fixing your food or fixing your weight. But I believe that the Lord wants you to listen for His voice and seek His guidance on how to work through what so many of us have a weakness with – food and weight. So, while the world tells you to fix your weakness. God tells you that He wants to be your strength in your weakness. I thought this was a pretty appropriate message for the last week of the year (when you’re planning a diet) and the first week of the year when you are running hard after it. So, below I’ve got two episodes for you.

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