Episode 22: What God Does When You Run Back to Him

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You don’t have to be a Victorias Secret model to be beautiful. God created you. Ain’t nothing more beautiful than that.

You don’t have to have babies in your twenties to build a family. Gods timing is better than that. 

The Bachelor doesn’t need to be your standard for what your partner will be like or what you need to be like to meet him.

The worlds boxes do not define a daughter of the King.

Break through the clutter of your thoughts.

Open your mind to what God can do, not the emptiness of what the world can offer. 

Recognize and bust the lies you’ve been believing about yourself or your life. Don’t let the enemy win.

The daughter I have today, the marriage I have today, the joy I have today  did not happen on a winning streak.

This peace from God is something I fought hard for through many battles and trials of continually depending on Him. 

I had to fight for my life in my mind and emotions.

I had to give up what I was striving for.

I had to recognize my behaviors that were ruining my heart.

I had to stop running from myself.

I had to feel and I had to heal. 

I had to go to treatment. (That was just my journey).

I had to reintroduce myself to God and get to know Him.

It was not long after that, that He gave me a gift called my Healthy Voice, that helped pull me out of the pit of my destructive thinking and slowly introduce me to Him. 

Eventually, I found as he brought me through trials and I continued to seek Him – that he ultimately, He ultimately was my Healthy Voice because HE was the one that wanted to get me out of that pit and bring me new life in Christ.

I had to GROW UP on the inside with God, not just “survive” adulthood, but grow emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

That’s what the Lord helped me do with so many challenges that only He could have helped me overcome. 

It’s taken me a long time to find out, it’s not about who I’ve been or what my resume looks like or what I’ve done. It’s not about me as, Meredith the girl who worked at the White House, or Meredith who went to Notre Dame. 

It’s about ALL that God has done in my life to mold me into being his daughter.

He literally pulled me up by the roots I thought I had planted and He said I’m gonna root you in me. I’m gonna replant you where you belong — with me.

He REMOVED me from my own striving,

He RENEWED my mind,

He REBUILT my life on HIM, the firm foundation I never had as a kid traveling between two worlds. 


He REMOVED everything that wasn’t supposed to be there – pulling out everything that He didn’t want to be there AT ALL…the resentments, the addictions, the things that were keeping me from having a baby, the ego that was still focused on my weight, the selfishness with step kids. All of these things, circumstances in my life he used so I could more deeply surrender to Him.

And that’s what I need to talk about here on Guiding God’s Daughters – because there is nothing, and I mean nothing in this world that we could do that could ever compare to what God does when we surrender our life to Him. To God be the glory.

I LOVE to read the Word and share it with you. I love to tell you about Jesus. Yet I recognize today that the best way for me to share Him is to get more vulnerable, to meet you in your hurting and broken pieces where I’ve been too with TESTIMONY of what He’s done, to encourage you, to share my experience and then show you how HE WILL do it for you too.

Part of me feels like I’ve failed you young women as a mentor. But the bigger part of me knows, that the Lord is always with me, guiding me, revealing things to me that I could never get on my own. When we think we fail, He is there to restore. He’s there to use all those failures. You know, you learn from your failures. You don’t win just from always winning. You grow when you fail.

He does everything right on time and I trust Him. I want you to trust Him too. So I pray that sharing this, will encourage you in some way. I pray that the Lord inspires you to walk with me and pursue Him. I just want to take you under my wing and help you to know that HE. Is. Everything. I pray this blesses you and I just pray the Lord continues to give me the words to speak to you in your pain and to encourage you and to help you overcome these things, to make you a victor, not a victim, to help you know that you are God’s Daughters.


If you want to know more about what life was like before I went to treatment and even what God did in the first few years after I went, you can grab a copy of my book, “Healthy Voice: Life Beyond the Weight!”

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  1. Theresa Wright on March 9, 2023 at 3:24 pm

    What a beautiful, inspiring, uplifting comment! Thank you. And I am so glad to see you writing and podcasting so clearly and truthfully. Blessings to you. Theresa.

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