Waking up to the Truth, Season II: Episode 28

Hey everyone! Welcome to Season II of Tune in with Meredith. Episode 28 below is ready for your viewing! You can also check it out here:

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In case you are wondering – this episode is all about what I’ve learned. I spent a long time in Washington politics – grew up in it and worked in it at the highest levels. I have been on the inside. Now? I am on the outside and what I’m seeing in Washington isn’t anything like I’ve ever seen. I’m seeing a divide not so much between the political parties but between America and Washington. And although the new administration is calling for peace and unity and healing, I don’t see it happening. There is just too much division and Washington is just Washington. The swamp it’s built on for real isn’t just a metaphor. So, watch or listen to the podcast as I share a perspective from the outside in and listen for where I’m pointing you. It’s not to hate who is there, but to remember who is in charge. Who has the power. Who is our God? I believe God took me out of the pit of Washington to help people remember that. So, I hope you’ll watch and enjoy.

Have a great day and week. I will see you soon!