How to Let Go by Meredith Terpeluk

Can you imagine being able to let go of your obsession with food and weight? I know, crazy, right?

Well, you actually can…with God’s help.

I started writing this book - for you - when I realized the Lord started to arrest my love of giving myself permission to eat whatever I wanted. He showed me why I didn’t need to do it - through Scripture - and then pointed me in the right direction (as He’d done once before.) 

Here’s what’s crazy. His timing. It happened at the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic, when much of the world started to hibernate with their favorite foods and Netflix, He was like, “No, we’re going to do something different.” Not to mention, I had an 8 month old, at 41. So I was learning to be an “older” mom and actually felt like I was finally accepting that my weight was how it was and I was okay with it.

But, God. He had another plan. I could sense that this wasn't just about me getting healthier. It was about getting this thing out of the way so He could do more in my life and bring me to a higher level. I truly believe, He wants to do the same with you. 

I believe, that your destiny in what God is calling you to do is just ahead on the road for you and in order to get there, He needs you to be the best vessel for His grace you can be. That means letting go of this crux so you can hear His voice better. 

I pray this book helps you with that. I hope you’ll get it and imagine we’re sitting down by a fire, sharing a cup of coffee and chatting about what it was like, and what it can become. I’m excited for you….